PDF Image-based localization using LSTMs for structured feature correlation.
F. Walch, C. Hazirbas, L. Leal-Taixe, T. Sattler, S. Hilsenbeck, and D. Cremers.
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017.
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PDF Deep Depth from Focus.
C. Hazirbas, L. Leal-Taixe, and D. Cremers.
Asian Conference in Computer Vision (ACCV), 2017.
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PDF MOT16: A benchmark for multi-object tracking.
A. Milan, L. Leal-Taixe, I. Reid, S. Roth, and K. Schindler.
arXiv:1603.00831, 2016.
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PDF MOTChallenge 2015: Towards a Benchmark for Multi-Target Tracking.
L. Leal-Taixe, A. Milan, I. Reid, S. Roth, and K. Schindler.
arXiv:1504.01942, 2015.
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